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Releasing Munin 7B Alpha - A Danish LLM

We are excited to announce the release of the first model from the Danish Foundation Models project, nicknamed Munin 7B Alpha. This model represents the beginning of our research into Danish Large Language Models (LLMs), employing continual pre-training based on the already pre-trained Mistral-7b-v0.1 model. It has been pre-trained on the Danish Gigaword dataset, which has been instrumental in training various Danish BERT-style models.

The model has been trained for one epoch over the dataset and ends up with a loss 1.27 on the Danish Gigaword. See more the model training logs here.

This release underscores our commitment to transparency about our work and the challenges we are facing. We want to clearly note that we expect the model to perform suboptimally for many, if not most, applications. Our evaluations on the limited generative Danish tasks available to us have indicated that our current training approach may negatively impact performance on these downstream tasks, even compared to the upstream Mistral model.

Model Name Overall Score Danish Score Norwegian Score Swedish Score
gpt-3.5-turbo-0613 58.52 ± 2.42 56.72 ± 2.44 57.31 ± 2.37 61.54 ± 2.46
mistralai/Mistral-7B-v0.1 40.30 ± 2.15 39.60 ± 1.94 35.98 ± 2.54 45.31 ± 1.96
danish-foundation-models/munin-7b-alpha 37.50 ± 2.49 39.56 ± 2.70 30.82 ± 2.69 42.13 ± 2.07
AI-Sweden-Models/gpt-sw3-6.7b-v2 26.67 ± 2.30 23.65 ± 2.02 24.28 ± 2.74 32.08 ± 2.13
mhenrichsen/danskgpt-tiny 16.87 ± 3.05 16.66 ± 2.18 15.16 ± 2.64 18.80 ± 4.35

See the full ScandEval leaderboard for an up-to-date comparison. Despite these challenges, we hope that our open approach encourages the community to collaborate with us in building the best possible Danish LLM. While the current version of the model may not yet be a practical tool for Danish NLP, we believe that sharing our findings is valuable. A critical need has been identified: access to a significantly larger corpus of Danish text data, and a legal framework that reliably allows for training and releasing open models, including for commercial use.

At Danish Foundation Models, we are actively pursuing legal access to extensive Danish text data, and are exploring every option for releasing models under the most open license possible. We have already secured agreements that provide us access to several large Danish datasets, and we plan to include these into our training process in the near future.

In summary, Munin 7B Alpha is a small step forward. It signifies our commitment to advancing Danish NLP and acknowledges the extensive work ahead. By sharing this model, we aim to foster collaborative efforts within the community. The model is now available for download and experimentation, and we look forward to your insights and discussions on how we can progress.

The development of this model, and the Danish Foundation Models project in general, is generously supported by the following: